My skills building websites has grown from rudimentary sites with background patterns and curly fonts, to now using a host of features and tools to assist in design and development. The technical world is constantly evolving, making it endlessly interesting and challenging to maintain knowledge and skillsets. At TAFE, we didn't learn about real world development processes like staging and using Git version control, using Bootstrap, SASS or Foundation, different CMS software like Magento, or taking into consideration any visually beautifying effects for UX, but we learnt solid hand coding and how to develop a custom WordPress theme. I have learnt most of my current skillset on the job for marketing/developer positions, through Meetup talks, reading magazines, and by searching our best friend, Google.


WordPress is well-supported by plugins and themes, and can be easily customised for small and medium businesses, corporations and organisations. I currently work with Fashion Club Wear to update and fix issues in their WordPress Woocommerce website. Visit their site at:


I’ve worked with two employers who used the Magento platform for retail businesses. I had the chance to thoroughly explore the backend at Cleancare, picking up when the previous developer left to go back to Brazil. I edited settings and code, found solutions to a lot of design and style issues, and installed a payment gateway. In the second opportunity to work with Magento at First Choice, I was limited to minor updates to items and images, as the company outsourced IT and Marketing functions. The websites can be found at: