JQuery Mobile

I have built one tutored app, and one individual app at TAFE. My tutor introduced Jquery Mobile during Mobile App classes. JQuery Mobile helps make producing mobile first design easier. Mobile experiences often require more visually interactive elements like images and buttons, and more straightforward navigation. Purpose built libraries like JQuery Mobile, can be used for as much or as little as desired in the HTML files. In my app I used it mainly for layout. The styles are deliberately limited to standard colour palettes, but can easily be customised in your stylesheet.

PhoneGap Build

Our apps produced during our course were required to be in regular HTML, CSS, JS, and JQuery Mobile, using PhoneGap Build to get a finished product ready to install on Android devices, and upload to an Apple Developers TAFE team site. PhoneGap compiles and coverts the HTML and CSS files into files that can be sent as an app and read by a variety of mobile phones. I enjoyed learning this way, because we had no time to learn native code and this was an easy way to get a product ready in a short time. I chose my idea related to my love of travel and experiencing being a tourist. Though they could use some refinement, I chose colours in reference to the Google Playstore and Windows colour themes at the time, which have become the industry standard for how to style apps and continue to influence web and mobile app design.

App design wireframe and mockup

tania stott mobile app design