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I began developing basic websites during university, just for fun, back when tables were all the rage, and about the only styling considerations were what to use as a background - pattern or colour - and what fonts to use. After years in engineering sales, I thought about what would I really like to be doing with my career. Was I happy selling millions of dollars worth of electrical equipment, only feeling that I'd achieved anything if I won a sale, and not seeing much incentive or acknowledgement for my effort? No, not really. Not at all. I was making money for someone else and I couldn't see myself doing that for the rest of my career and being satisfied and happy. So I took a huge risk and decided to change careers, for my benefit, and hopefully for yours too. Despite all the fancy marketing for free website builders, for businesses or organisations who want total control over design, code, functionality and SEO, nothing beats building your own website.


During my course in Web and Digital Media Technology, I learnt how to build a WordPress website from the barebones HTML template, and developed a theme of my own. I like the flexibility of WordPress as a CMS, but there are others out there like Magento, Joomla and Drupal. During employment, I quickly learnt about Magento, its backend structure and differences to WordPress. All of my recent employers bar one already had websites set up, and required designer/developer knowledge to make changes and updates.

Examples of my websites


In my TAFE course, I learnt building apps for iTunes and Android using PhoneGap Build (later launched as Apache Cordova to be free and open source - PhoneGap Build still exists, but now is on paid plans as it can be packaged with other Adobe apps), which allows writing in HTML. I chose a combination of HTML, JQuery Mobile, JavaScript, and CSS to create my Android app.

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Recent Projects

I've worked in WordPress for several years, and have had the opportunity to build and customise for clients in my freelance business. I enjoy the challenges and variety of working for clients with different goals, expectations and requirements. I like to provide advice and information for my clients, so they can rely on me for considering things they may not have.

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