Social Media Management

Social Media apps like Facebook work best for small businesses, food, beverage, events, retail clothing, general retail, education, classes, tuition, sports, clubs, interest groups, technology, bands, brands, and broadcast media. In one of the companies I worked for, I set up a Facebook account for only one out of their four businesses, being a product sold at farmers’ markets. It would have been pointless to create Facebook accounts for their Water Management, Minerals, and Desalination consultation companies, because the vibe of Facebook is more personal and consumer based. LinkedIn would be much more appropriate for their networks of clients, SME's and thought leaders.

Social Media Management is setting marketing goals, posting content, tracking engagement, responding to messages, reviews and comments, running campaigns, using analytics, and refining your content delivery. Social Media marketing goals, ideally, are a part of the broader Marketing Strategy guiding your choices. working step by step, methodically planning and actioning tasks is necessary to maintain momentum. An easy analogy given to me in an interview, was to imagine the social media account as a steam train. It needs coals (posts) to keep the fire burning (engagement), which creates steam that moves the carriages (momentum). Once the fire dies due to an absence of new coals, the train keeps moving for a while, but eventually slows before coming to a stop. It requires a lot more coals to get it going again the way it used to. If your account is neglected and doesn't have regular posts, after a while the engagement dwindles, and it is harder to get it started again. It takes commitment and consistency to even have a chance of having consistent dialogue with an interested and engaged audience. I have another analogy that may make it clearer. Imagine talking to someone at a dinner table and all of a sudden they move their body to face someone else, preventing you from continuing to have an interesting and engaging conversation with them. It's where you focus that gets the energy and attention. If you're not focussed on social media, consider hiring someone to manage your accounts and take some of the pressure off with some apps. You don't want to be that person that turns their back on their audience.

Apps like Buffer, Hootesuite, SMhack and lknSuite are a decent enough start for social media management. There are lots of apps that do similar things. Though you would not have the same groups of accounts or functions together in one dashboard like apps targeted at social media managers, another possibility is using IFTTT to connect apps. Research pricing tiers, how many posts per month, which social media platforms are available, and how many linked accounts are included for each in the plan. I would like to give the details here, but social media management apps regularly change features and pricing. What I can do though is provide the dashboard view of each of the four apps I mentioned.