Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy is often a neglected part of businesses, resulting in ad-hoc activites that quickly become an overwhelming list of to-do ASAP's. Without the necessary structures, methods and procedures, there is often no reliable measurement and reporting – that is, if there was a campaign at all. Sales and Marketing have often been grouped together, but the tasks involved in each are extremely variable. There are different types of marketers including sales, communications/pr, social media, data analysis, online, website, and graphic design. The following list is a starting point of what a marketing strategy may include. I can help you with marketing strategy, with an easy step-by-step system using free apps, plugins or software designed to assist in marketing tasks, with consideration for your business priorities, goals, targets, and market.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy way to reach people, and send relevant, interesting content. You can help people save a lot of time searching online if you provide useful tips, information, motivational articles, or even instructions about how to do something related to your product, brand or service.

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What can you analyse with Google Analytics? It’s great for visualising data about user behaviour. It can help pinpoint what’s guiding users to a particular destination, what is or isn’t having an impact, what pages are more effective in terms of engagement or views, and different journeys users take to get to the same destination.

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A lot of factors go into search engine ranking, and it’s not limited to keywords, meta, advertising or buying up domain names. I like to cover SEO with a network of different strategies.

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Online Advertising

Digital advertising is not limited to magazines, online directories, journals, newspapers and catalogues. Mobile apps, Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and music streaming apps like Soundcloud, Spotify and Pandora, offer paid advertising that target appropriate audiences.

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Social Media Management

It’s one thing to set up an account, but another to keep it active and engage customers. Social Media Management requires commitment, scheduling, resources and investment. You need to pay a responsible person to manage the advertising accounts, scheduling, content and ROI. Depending on the qualities of your content and your target market, the content can be as simple as sharing content from other sources on your page, or as complex as setting up photoshoots, filming, editing, perhaps adding effects and text, and then exporting in several file formats and sizes for different platforms.

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Marketing Tools

Apps and software are an essential part of being a designer, developer, marketer, content creator, and freelancer. For the business owner or manager taking it upon themselves to be responsible for sales and marketing, social media posts, websites, and customer relationships, they can be a huge time-saver.

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