Graphic Design

My body of work in design collateral for businesses and organisations is mainly made up from two of my previous marketing roles working with industrial products, consultants and agriculture, and one of my freelance start-up clients. This includes logos, business cards, animated Christmas cards, market stall design concepts, display banners, posters, advertisements, information sheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

I also recently did a charity poster for a friend in Brazil. This involved my friend sending the basic design she had done using an image from the web. From the basic brief, which had been a copied design, I gathered as many examples of modern designs from Brazil. I illustrated every part of the design in Photoshop, later adding text in Indesign before exporting to jpeg for Facebook, and pdf for printed posters. I kept imagining how it would look on a shop window throughout the design process. This made me think of things like matching the vibe of clothing boutiques, being easy to read and obtain information to mentally memorise, and hopefully grab people's attention with a pleasing aesthetic. See both the design my friend sent me and the final design are shown below.

Examples of my graphic design work

logo for leadership growth learning
business group christmas card
desalination africa poster
mining management brochure
bazaar benificente 2016 cliente
bazaar benificente 2016