After being advised by a tutor at the Australian Art Gallery in Canberra that I had potential and should take art lessons, I started to search for classes in Melbourne. I began at The Hunt Club Community Arts Centre with Rob Mangion, and a few years later eventually found myself at Ron Curran’s Dynamic Drawing in a room overlooking Brunswick St. Rob taught me the ins and outs of drawing and laid a solid foundation of concepts as a beginning in my path. It was with Ron, however, that I really was allowed to go into unexplored territory and find how I drew. Since about 2014, I’ve taken classes, albeit sporadically, at Louise Klerk’s Life Drawing.

Early in 2016, I drew a self portrait to submit to a free exhibit at a community arts centre in Melbourne's west. After receiving positive feedback when I posted on Facebook, I asked if the gallery could “not throw it out”. When I picked it up, the woman said that she would be more than happy to exhibit my work when I got enough pieces together. If that’s not enough encouragement to take it to the next level, I don’t know what is.

pastel paint woman reclined
charcoal drawing figure posing
charcoal drawing woman face
charcoal drawing woman leaning over seat
charcoal drawing figure abstract cubism