Music creation took a backseat for years, possibly because I have so much creative potential in a lot of different areas and having full time 8-6 jobs, other activities and events to attend. My inspiration comes from a diverse range of musical genres including indie, pop, ambient, rock, R&B, blues, jazz and Brazilian styles. I had formal lessons for a couple of years at a music shop from which I bought my first guitar. I now own three guitars. A nylon string latin style guitar, an acoustic-electric cutaway, and an electric. Each has their own special qualities.

The set up I have is a make-shift space using a Steinberg UR44 audio interface, and three mics - MXL770, Ultravoice and SM57. I built and customised my computer with audio recording and image editing in mind. I would like to add another vocal mic and soundbooth. I'm thinking of gluing leftover material rolls together to form a DIY soundbooth with just enough separation from the rest of the space to be useful.

I've been making a habit of recording ideas onto my phone voice recorder, but haven't done much real recording yet. The projects below are some of my rough, first attempts at recording some songs I recently wrote. I didn't even know what chords I was using until I sat down and played. In a few minutes, I figured out each song, and recorded immediately with my nylon string, without any vocal warm up or instrument tuning, so they are very raw. I recorded with two mics, singing and playing at the same time on both. I did something interesting on With me again, dropping the pitch on a track, so it sounds like I have a male backing vocal and the guitar sounds deeper and more like a harp. You'll hear a lot of mistakes, and I'm not a trained vocalist, but the rough ideas and lyrics are there as a reference for expanding and improving, either myself or with collaborators.

Preview my current song projects

Song Title: Satisfied
Genre: Indie Folk
Song Title: Serial Beautiful
Genre: Pop
Song Title: With me again
Genre: Pop Ballad