Creative Arts

Visual Art

Producing art is another area (photography, writing and music are others) I have received a lot of positive feedback from. My art style has developed over years of classes and tutor influence, to what it is today - a style that evokes a sense of frequency and eternity through bold and intuitive lines, like the hand movements of a musical composer.

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Ever since my grandad taught me how to use a darkroom, I’ve pursued photography more seriously than just snapping photos of family events, at one point in high school contemplating a career path in photojournalism. I enjoy nature, landscapes and people, especially on my travels around the world.

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Animation seems like too much fun to be a career, but I know that it also requires long hours and dedication, and great ideas. TAFE introduced me to Unity and Flash. I collaborated with a fellow student to create a short “promo” animation sequence based on a game the tutor was creating, adding our own extra characters.

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Creating songs is something I’ve been doing since I became a teenager, as a way to express and connect with feelings of attraction, rejection, love, sorrow, loneliness, anger and heartbreak. Emotions fuel the best songs in the history of the world. I hope that I’ve become more refined in my lyrics as I get older, and am now able to tell stories with more complexity and nuances than my younger self, lying on her bed feeling depressed and alone.

It is definitely on the horizon that I’ll be creating original songs, either solo or with others, very soon. Please take a listen to some of my tracks on SoundCloud when they become available.

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