Writing and Editing

Via editing other people’s words, I’ve become extremely good at being ruthless when it comes to getting key points across without sounding condescending or fake. It’s an important skill when writing editorials (generally free) so they don’t come off as advertorials (generally paid) and get rejected by publishers. It’s also important for brand credibility when writing online content. Sometimes it was out of our hands if the publisher decides to edit unsolicited submitted material, resulting in missing punctuation or parts cut out.

Some self guidance I try to follow is being honest and objective. When it is my own work, it can be hard to perceive from another’s perspective. Having experience helps to distinguish what is better material and what I may only have emotional or ego-motivated attachment to, and should be removed or modified. Making organically progressive edits to improve this website is an example of this type of challenge.

Samples of my writing and editing