Product Photography

The ideal set up for most photographers would be to have the right lighting, assistance, and equipment to get the job done. One of my employers had a lightbox and decent array of lenses, thanks to the marketing coordinator who had somehow convinced the employer to purchase them prior to my arrival. The next employer had a Canon EOS 5D Mark II they had left inside a server room under boxes gathering spiders and dust. Well, I couldn't refuse, could I? Taking good photos requires all this pleasant-to-use, exciting equipment, and the visual eye of an artist. The technical, scientific, analytic, patient parts of my brain get to work alongside the creative, impulsive, spontaneous, intuitive parts, and that makes me happy. Ok, maybe not so much in product photography, but in my spare time and on holiday I get to make the most of my enjoyment of photography.

Examples of my product photography

industrial fire hose reel
orbiter skirt
carpet cleaner
gippsland strawberry
lamp light letter Y