Image Editing

My image editing work is an assortment of methods in Photoshop. I have removed backgrounds, changed colour to B&W, removed blemishes, modified the tonal qualities, added labels and logos onto objects, added reflections, added engraved text into metal, added water spray and droplets, sharpened, blurred, and much more.

In the image with a man holding an air bazooka, I added the shroud to the end, having to move it around in Photoshop until it was the right angle and matched colour and lighting to the bazooka, and finally revealing the nozzle tip, making it seem as though it was photographed with the shroud. Similarly, I had to add a spray gun to the end of a hose reel, matching exposure and tones. Believe me, these things are difficult when the only usable, existing image of a spray gun is the wrong perspective, angle, colour, or even not the same product available in Australia, and low resolution.

The next example shows a can that I added water droplets and labels to, for the drinks manufacturing industry. The audio hose reel was a really old low res black and white image, so I decided to selectively add colour to the hose. I also removed a lot of fuzzy marks and blemishes. In the next example - a montage of hose reels - I added the reflective shadows.

The example showing an industrial water sprayer was a bit more complex. The photo was taken in a parking lot, and was pretty dull and dark. The machinery looked worn, with lots of marks and scratches. I took a stock image to use as a background that, luckily, matched the equipment. I fixed all the marks and brightened up the image so it looked freshly painted, added sun glimmer off the nozzles, and added a fake water mist spraying from the nozzles. The last example is of a couple of nozzles that I engraved text into the metal and made it appear winding around or the right perspective and sizing, to show how the nozzles were fabricated.

Examples of my image editing work

Background removal process - before
image after background was removed in photoshopBackground removal process - after
example of image before tonal changes in photoshopChange the tonal qualities - before with only warm tones
example of image after tonal changes in photoshopChange the tonal qualities - after with contrasting tones
added a shroud and background in photoshopAdded the shroud to the end
added spray gun to end of hose in photoshopAdded a spray gun
added labels logos and water droplets in photoshopAdded water droplets
added selective colour in photoshopAdded selective colour
engraved reflections and shadow in photoshopAdded reflective shadow
added water spray and text in photoshopCleaned the image and added water spray
engraved text on metal in photoshopAdded engraved text on metal