Content Creation

Writing and Editing

I’ve written for a variety of audiences, from engineers, scientists and procurement specialists, to retail consumers and industry peers. I’ve written instructional, training, and technical documents, reports, tender submissions, advertorials, editorials, articles, and posts.

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Product Photography

From photographing siblings and family as a child to taking courses and now owning a nice DSLR, I have gained a lot of experience in photography. My good eye for detail and visual aesthetics helps make decent product shots.

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Image Editing

Like photography, I’ve developed skills in image editing using Photoshop and, to a lesser degree, Irfanview. Photoshop makes editing images for web an easy, even enjoyable task. I’ve used Photoshop ever since CS3. It was not a part of my engineering course, but I think I was meant to do multimedia instead. I enjoyed learning Adobe photography and video apps a lot more than reading sections from 2–inch thick technical books about electrical systems and electronics. The discipline it takes to read and comprehend complex material is exhausting, but it is not unlike editing. It becomes exhausting and time-consuming. however, with automated actions in Adobe, a lot of standard editing can be applied to images.

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I gained a strong sense of narrative, storyline and storyboarding at high school, and later through a short course in video production at RMIT in Melbourne. In addition, I did a short course in Scriptwriting at Swinburne, which helped me immensely in extracting stories to tell. In reality, making videos for businesses that haven’t allocated any marketing budget, normally involves editing old videos, or filming new product footage in the warehouse or on the desk, for YouTube. When you are IT, Marketing, Web and Communications rolled into one salaried position, time does not allow for much editing or enhancing. A budget that allows for backdrops, lighting, and editing software, is preferable. The alternative is to outsource to video specialists, if time is really restricted.

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