About Me


I come from an engineering background, majoring in Computer Systems and Digital Electronics at university. After a short stint in through-hole and surface-mount electronics assembly, I started working in Sales Engineering at a Brazilian company with an office in Melbourne. Two weeks after I started, I was sent to Brazil for six months training. It changed my life. In this position, and the one after it at another engineering company, I grew skills in contract management, project management, tender proposal writing, contact management and B2B sales engineering. After several years in sales, I needed a change. I had been continuing drawing lessons and had completed photography, video, and script-writing courses in the past, so I decided a more creative web and multimedia career was what I wanted to pursue. I enrolled in a course to gain knowledge and skills in Adobe Creative Cloud, and web design and development. As a bonus, I also learnt mobile apps and animation.

Previous Roles

I gravitate towards roles that have a web development component and a lot of hands on creative potential in areas like web design, graphic design, video, content creation, and photography. I've held several B2B and B2C marketing positions, including full time, part time, contract and casual. Starting as a Marketing Assistant, I quickly progressed to Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator. I've implemented SEO, keyword optimisation and Google Analytics, and created editorials, images, PowerPoint presentations, CD covers, brochures, cards, posters, flyers, advertising, and social media posts.

Current Work

I started my own freelance business in 2016 as a step towards achieving my goal of working with a range of different clients and projects to expand my technical and creative skills, and to increase my experience working in web and digital media technology. My current clients work in education, automotive, electronics engineering, and consultancy. I work primarily with WordPress for building websites, but also hand code or use libraries and frameworks where appropriate. As a freelancer, I enjoy projects building new sites, or enhancing and improving existing sites, that may include adding new features or integrations. I currently also work casually from home for a clothing manufacturer doing web development updates in WordPress, web content updates, and marketing.


My capabilities include:


When not focussing on work, I enjoy tennis, footy, cycling, experimental cooking, good food, craft beer, gardening, photography, drawing, creating music and travelling to discover the world.