Tania Stott

Websites, Design, Web and Digital Marketing and Analytics, and more

I started as an engineer, but now my specialty includes Web Design, Website Maintenance, Website Optimisation and Website Redevelopment, in addition to Design and Digital Marketing. I have enjoyed working with clients in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brazil.

I created this website by handcoding each of the main pages and adding in a blog with its own theme in WordPress. This website is designed to demonstrate that I can code HTML/CSS and use libraries and frameworks for different purposes. Not many recruiters or employers would know much about coding, so here it is in beautiful shades of grey tones and torquoise. Please take a look through at some of my work and general information in my portfolio. My portfolio includes website design and development, logo and website creation, website maintenance and optimisation, digital and print media, digital marketing, email newsletters, and social media.

Is WordPress a good foundation for a website?

If you've already got a website on wix, squarespace, shopify, or other DIY website builders, but are finding your business or requirements outgrowing the limitations, ask me how a WordPress driven website may be a great solution. There are so many features available via plugins, script libraries, and even by writing code in files, that I believe puts WordPress that notch higher in terms of what you can achieve in dynamic content, SEO and eCommerce solutions. WordPress is also great for sole-traders, start ups, and blogging. With some basic training, you'll be adding content and posting your own blog.

Do you work with clients who are outside of Melbourne?

Whilst I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, there is virtually no obstacle to working remotely on your campaign or project. I'm looking to increase my portfolio with interstate and international clients. Have a look at my previous projects and get in touch if you feel that I may be able to help.

Contact me for more info or to send your enquiry

If you require a new website, website maintenance or redesign, please submit your enquiry using the form on my contact page. I work with all sorts of industries, including sole-traders, creatives, consultants, automotive, education, and non-profit. Rather than go to an agency, if you're a small to medium sized business or organisation, ask me about how I can provide web design, web development, redevelopment, or redesign. Simply, provide the details about your web or marketing project for an estimate on pricing and how much to budget into your costs.